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Choral Music

Compositions are aranged alphabetically by title within each category. Click on the titles for audio previews, texts, score samples, reviews, past performances, commissioning ensembles and more!

SATB Women's ChorusMen's ChorusLiturgical


A Psalm of Penitence
SATB • 6 min. • Text: Psalm 51

But perhaps God needs the longing
SATB, piano • 6 min. • Text: Nelly Sachs

Circling Katahdin
SATB, flute, violoncello • 5 min. • Text: Kathleen Ellis

Child listen
SATB • 5 min. • Text: W.S. Merwin translations of Quechua and Crow poetry

Coming Home (A Choral Meditation)
SATB • 10 min. • Texts: Jean Greenwood

Effortlessly, Love flows from God into Man
SATB, strummed piano • 5 min. • Text: 13th c. German poet Mechtild of Magdeburg

Grace to you
SATB • 3 min. • Text: Revelation

Grant us Peace
SATB • 24 min. • Text: A Contemporary Setting of the Mass

In the Turning of the Season
SATB • 4 min. • Text: Jean Greenwood

Let that day be darkness
SATB, West African Drum, Balangi (xylophone) • 40 min. • A Setting of Job in Krio

NightChants (Settings of American Indian, African and Sanskrit texts)
Mixed vocal ensemble • 40 min. • Text: American Indian, African and Sanskrit texts

One Evening - A Setting of South Indian Poetry
SATB • 24 min. • Text: South Indian poetry (set in Tamil with pronunciation guide)

PrayerChant "Don't let me fall..."
SATB, soprano and alto solo • 4 min. • Text: Kadya Molodowsky

That the dove may rest
SSAATB • 20 min. • Texts: "No puedo", Sara de Ibáñez; Traditional Navajo prayer

The Revelation of John
Chamber singers, mixed choir, soprano solo, clarinet, narrator • 40 min. • Text: The Book of John

Un coup de Dés: A Chant for chorus
SATB • 15 min. • Text: Mallarmé, "A throw of the dice" (French)

Windsong (Settings of Women's Spiritual Poetry)
SATB, organ • 20 min. • Texts: Owl Woman, Izumi Shikibu, Lal Ded, Li Quingzhao, Kadya Molodowsky

Wood Floor Dreams
SATB • 3 min. • Text: Cheyenne poet Lance Henson

SATB Women's Chorus Men's ChorusLiturgical

Women's Chorus

Dark young pine
SSSAAA • 8 min. • Text: Gladys Reichard's translation of a traditional Navajo ceremonial text

Thillana for Women's Voices
SSA • 6 min. • Text: Set in Hindi

Three Antiphons
SSA • 4 min. • Text: 13th c. German poet Mechtild of Magdeburg (English)

SATB Women's Chorus Men's ChorusLiturgical

Men's Chorus

Linden Lea (arrangement of R. Vaughan Williams)
TTBB • 3 min. • Text: "Linden Lea"

Song for Sarah
Soprano solo, Men's choir (TBB), viola, harp • 6 min. • Text: "Song at the Skirts of Heaven" Uri Zvi Greenberg (Hebrew and English)

SATB Women's Chorus Men's ChorusLiturgical


A Contemporary Advent Carol
SATB, bell choir • 7 min. • Text: Diane Glancy, Owl Woman

Arcs of Light
Baritone solo • 5 min. • Text: Medieval poet Yehuda Halevi (Hebrew)

Communion Service
Choir and congregation • 5 min. • Text: A setting of the Methodist Liturgy

SATB, organ • 10 min. • Texts: Ruth 1:16-17; John 8: 12; 12:35; Hildegard von Bingen "Song to the Creator"

Grace to you
SATB • 3 min. • Text: Revelation

Let all mortal flesh keep silence
Children's choir, bells, flute, oboe, violin, cello, drum • 4 min. • Text: Hymn "Let all mortal flesh keep silent"

Let us break bread together
SATB • 5 min. • Text: Traditional spiritual with additional text by Gwendolyn Brooks

Psalm 8
SATB • 6 min. • Text: Psalm 8

Shall we gather at the river
Congregation, trumpet, bells, organ • 6 min. • Text: Hymn "Shall we gather at the river"

The Lord's Prayer
SATB • 3 min. • Text: The Lord's Prayer

SATB Women's Chorus Men's ChorusLiturgical