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In the Turning of the Season

A setting of poet Jean E. Greenwood.

Instrumentation: SATB

Duration: 4 min.


In the Turning of the Season

In the turning of the season,
I see first but a haze,
lime green seeping from bare brances.
Can it be?
So accustomed to barrenness am I,
having forgotten
anything could be this beautiful.

Then a stirring in the ground -
fragile shoots
find the courage
to push through the darkness toward the light,
surges of life I cannot ignore.

And what lies sleeping within me,
awaiting warmth and generous light?
A whisper in the womb of stillness that is my soul,
murmurs of grace after long silence.
Have I the courage to believe again,
after doubt,
to trust again,
to know grace once more,
and humbly take my place
as beloved and loving upon this earth?

In the turning of the season,
You shall feast on the beauty I have set before you."

Lo, the winter is past.
Flowers appear upon the earth,
and the time of singing has come. *

Jean E. Greenwood
*Song of Solomon 2.11-12a

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