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Songs and Song Cycles

Compositions are aranged alphabetically by title. Click on the titles for audio previews, texts, score samples, reviews, past performances, commissioning ensembles and more!

Circumflexions (on Mallarmé)
Soprano solo • 3 min. • Text: Mallarmé, Surgi de la croupe from Autres Poems et Sonnets (French)

Gitanjali (Song Offerings)
Soprano and string quartet (Optional South Indian dance) • 13 min. • Text: James Moore, Writing with Tagore

Incantation from NightChants
Solo Countertenor • 3 min. • Text: Sanskrit

Lullaby from NightChants
Solo Soprano • 3 min. • Text: Sanskrit

Of Heloise
Soprano and string quartet • 17 min. • Text: Judith Infante

On the fault of a crooked earth
Soprano and piano • 8 min. • Text: Richard Carlson

Soprano and piano • 9 min. • Text: Kayda Molodowsky, Nelly Sachs

Prayer for the Yom Kippur Service
Tenor and Baritone (as cantors) • 3 min. • Text: The New Union Prayer Book

Soprano and piano • 5 min. • Text: Mallarmé (French)

Shakuntala (A setting in Sanskrit for two alto voices)
Two alto voices • 5 min. • Text: One of the most beautiful passages in the Sanskrit language by fourth century playwright and poet Kalidasa

Shakuntala (A Sanskrit song)
Version for soprano, string quartet and South Indian veena • 20 min. • Text: Kalidasa

Song of Spring
Soprano and piano • 3 min. • Text: "Thou hearest the Nightingale begin the Song of Spring", William Blake from Milton: Book the Second

Spiritual (As kingfishers catch fire)
Soprano and piano • 6 min. • Text: Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Lady of the Broom (La dama de la escoba)
Soprano, Flute/Alto Flute, Viola, Cello • 15 min. • Text: Jennifer Clements (English and Spanish)

The Morning Comes
Soprano and piano • 6 min. • Text: "The morning comes, the night decays, the watchmen leave their stations" William Blake America: A Prophecy, Plate 6