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Suite for South Indian Veena and Orchestra

Nirmala Rajasekar and Shrini performing at the premiere with the St. Paul Civic Symphony

Dedicated to Nirmala Rajasekar. Composed in 2007.

Instrumentation: 2(pic)-1+EH-2-2/4-2-0-1/2 perc/str, veena

Duration: 25 min.

I. Alap (raga-mayamalavagaula)
II. Thillana (raga-mayamalavagaula)*
III. Alap (raga-risabhapriya)
IV. Thillana (raga-janaranjani)*
V. Jati
VI. Alap (raga-rasikapriya)

* indicates veena melody by Nirmala Rajasekar

Alap = a slow unfolding of the raga/melody
Jatis = subgroups of rhythmic syllables that make up the large Indian rhythmic circle of a tala
Thillana = a light, classical composition

Listen to an audio sample:

Commissioned by the St. Paul Civic Symphony

Premiere: St. Paul Civic Symphony (May 2007)

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