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Khoj: The Search for Light

Thirteen miniatures for orchestra: The Earth is Dark, The Koel Bird, The Flamingoes, The Camels, The March of the Elephants, The Wonder of the Child Elephants, The River, The Sea Turtles, The Cheetal Deer, The Western Wind, The Search for Light, The Dance of the Peacocks, The Enchanted Night.

The animals of Northern India (the koel bird, flamingoes, elephants, camels, sea turtles, deer and peacocks) search for the light of the moon. Based on a story by Gita Kar. The Hindi word khoj means "the wonder of discovery." Composed in 2001.

Instrumentation: 2(dbl pic)-1+EH-2-2/4-2-0-1/3 perc, hp/str/narrator

Duration: 23 min.

View a PDF sample of the score

Listen to an audio sample of "March of the Elephants":

Commissioned by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.

Premiere: The St. Paul Civic Symphony/ArtStart "Young Persons Concerts" (December 2001)

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